We Know What You Agreed To, Don’t We? – New Open Access Publication

10. January 2023|General, gICS, Projects, Publications|

Researchers are aware of a consent’s importance, because informed consents are THE basis for study participation in research projects, if not otherwise regulated by law. Any incorrectly filled-in consent is invalid and inevitably leads to the participant’s exclusion from the study and loss of data for the research. The article highlights paper-based consent forms, [...]

A FHIR has been lit on gICS! – New Open Access Publication

6. January 2023|General, gICS, Publications|

For our users, who carefully read our News and Release-Notes, it is certainly not a technical novelty that our consent management gICS already supports the HL7 Germany FHIR Standard for Consent Management since 2021. Together with the colleagues from Erlangen, Munich and Heilbronn, a n article was published, which highlights backgrounds in relation to [...]

New Publication – ‘3LGM2IHE: Requirements for data-protection-compliant research infrastructures. A systematic comparison of theory and practice-oriented implementation’

16. December 2022|E-PIX, General, gICS, gPAS, Publications|

At the end of the year, another publication from the Trusted Third Party Greifswald was published. As part of the DFG-funded project 3LGM2IHE, requirements for record linkage, pseudonymization and the management of consents were extracted from the TMF Data Protection Guidlines (TMF Datenschutzleitfaden). These requirements were compared with the software solutions E-PIX, gPAS and [...]

New TMF publication (in collaboration with the University Medicine Greifswald) available: Data Privacy in European Medical Research

12. February 2021|General, Projects, Publications|

In order to answer legal and practice-relevant questions conclusively with regard to applicable legislation, the University Medicine Greifswald commissioned a legal opinion from Dierks+Company using comprehensive and concrete questions related to the GDPR and national legislation. In order to provide maximum support for national and international cooperation projects, it has been written in English [...]

NAPKON: The DZHK Trusted Third Party supports national COVID19 research

5. January 2021|General, Projects|

The many years of experience gathered by the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK) with regards to data protection compliant acquisition of clinical data, diagnostic images and samples are now also being used for the German Covid-19 research. The DZHK provides its research platform for the National Pandemic Cohort Network (NAPKON) until spring 2021. [...]