Conucting clinical epidemiological studies, as well as establishing registries and cohorts, require data processing conpliant with data protection regulations. According to Art. 32 para. 1a EU-GDPR, the use of pseudonyms helps to ensure an adequate level of data protection when processing data.
For this purpose, the Trusted Third Party has developed the gPAS®. This software tool serves to generate and manage pseudonyms. The domain concept and the free definition of alphabets, as well as algorithms for generating pseudonyms, allow researchers to generate different pseudonyms for each data source, application context (e.g. collection, publication) or location/ study site.

Pseudonymising data

Pseudonyms can be generated, anonymised and processed with a variety of options and in different domains.

Displaying hierarchies

When working with a multitude of systems, complex pseudonym hierarchies arise for each participant. These can be clearly displayed in gPAS.

Processing lists

The configurable import and export of Excel lists supports researchers in a) (de)pseudonymising legacy data and b) working with other software products.

Who uses the gPAS?

The diagram shows productive (blue) and planned projects (light blue).

Date: June 2024

You are interested in our gPAS? You can either try it out online in our demo or install it via Docker.