Are you involved in a study and, for example, search for documentation and descriptions of procedures (SOPs)? Do you need access (login) to collect data for your project and are you looking for the corresponding application form?
The Trusted Third Party is a component in the electronic data entry for your project. It processes only person-identifying data, such as names and addresses, based on comprehensice data protection regulations. For medical data capture systems these person-identifying data are assigned to a set of pseudonyms that can be individually and exclusively related to the patient, but only within the Trusted Third Party. Consequently, re-identification is only possible in the Trusted Third Party. In addition, many projects record the modular consents electronically and, if necessary, archive them with a scan of their paper-based consent using the Trusted Third Party’s software tools.
This data management contributes to a clear identification of patients in multi-centric projects, as well as to the exclusion of duplicate data records. In addition, depending on the project, the pseudonymised data can be transferred to interested research groups based on the patient’s consent status on a daily basis.
You will find all necessary documents and web forms you need to start and carry out your research project in the Service Portal.

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