As of today, the new version 1.9.0 of our pseudonym management gPAS® is available for testing on our website and as a Docker image free of charge via GitHub and the TMF ToolPool. You can find the documentation here. For help using the docker containers, please visit the official GitHub repository of the MOSAIC project.

New features

  • Specification of freely definable alphabets in the domain configuration interface
  • Export of pseudonyms
  • Deletion of pseudonyms with CSV import
  • Search for pseudonyms across all domains


  • Quick pseudonymisation via right click
  • Progress bar for list processing
  • Compatibility with Java 9+
  • Display of warnings instead of errors in case of incorrect entries by the user
  • Close dialogues with ESC key
  • Automatic focus for first input field in dialogues/forms
  • Detail optimizations in the web frontend
  • Search for target domain during import
  • Standardization of file names for export in all THS Tools
  • Changed the default separator for imports to ;
  • Changed the encoding of exports to UTF-16LE
  • Automatic recognition of the encoding during import

Bug fixes

  • Possible NPE with comma in pseudonym or domain name
  • Wrong error message when entering an already existing pseudonym
  • Incorrect display of umlauts in the content and file names of uploads
  • Slow filtering for large PSN domains