Our session at this year’s FHIR DevDays 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio on “Patient consent management in medical research with FHIR” has just ended.

The aim was to present the results of the work of the HL7 Germany working group “Consent Management” and to make them known internationally. Of course, reference was also made to current activities of the Medical Informatics Initiative in this area and existing implementations.

The presentation was very well received with 101 participants. The questions of the participants were also well answered by the speakers (Martin Bialke, Stefan Lang).

We hope that the FHIR Consent Profiles, which have been coordinated at national level, will now also be accepted internationally. In any case, the interest is already there.

Note: The video was provided by the organisers of FHIR DevDays 2022 and all persons shown and speaking have consented to the recording and subsequent distribution in advance.