At this year’s Medical Informatics Europe Conference (MIE 2020) from 28.04. to 01.05. the Trusted Third Party Greifswald (TTP) will present its three tools E-PIX®, gPAS® and gICS® to European colleagues, researchers and political decision makers. The demonstration is again of a practical nature and follows the typical processes and use cases within a Trusted Third Party. In particular, the intuitive use of the web interface will be demonstrated.

The audience will get an overview of how patients and their identifying data (IDAT) can be managed using E-PIX® and how a unique Master Patient Index (MPI) is assigned. It will also be shown how E-PIX® checks the IDAT for duplicates using Record Linkage, how synonym errors (e.g. as a result of typing errors), are avoided and how THS employees can resolve duplicates that have been recognised.

Using gPAS®, pseudonyms of any level are generated, assigned, arranged in different hierarchies and managed. It will be shown how individual project requirements can be taken into account during pseudonym generation thanks to different algorithms, alphabets and parameters.

During the presentation of the consent manager gICS®, the audience will get an insight into the management of consents, revocations and study rejections. A special focus is placed on modular project-specific consents and revocations and their digital mapping in gICS®. In addition, the implementation of processes for a combination of paper-based and electronic consents will be presented.

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