Consent management gICS® in new version 2.10.0 available

2020-02-12T11:32:33+01:00 13. December 2019|gICS, Releases, Software and documents|

As of today, the new version 2.10.0 of our consent management gICS® is available free of charge via our website for testing purposes and via GitHub as a Docker Compose version. You can find the corresponding documentation here. Assistance with using the Docker containers is available in the official GitHub repository of the MOSAIC project.

New features

  • Specify the validity period for modules in the template
  • Indication of the validity period for individual consents
  • Editing external properties of a domain
  • Display of milliseconds in the detail view of a Consent
  • Editing templates without changing the version
  • Duplicating templates, modules and policies
  • Add time stamps for data objects
  • Export of the current policy status of participant IDs
  • Finalize domains, templates, modules, policies and FreeTextDefs
  • Specify the validity period for templates
  • Preview and subsequent summary of the import
  • Copy subscriber ID in context menu
  • Display of external properties in the module tree
  • Display of sequence configuration in the module tree
  • Editing domains as long as they do not yet contain objects
  • display of the process in list and detailed view of consents


  • Simplification of date entries
  • Deactivate the Save Consent button while a scan is being uploaded
  • Unification of Date, Time, Datetime Pattern in all tools
  • Option to rename policies, modules and templates
  • Replacement of error messages due to faulty operation of the user by warning messages
  • Update to Primefaces 7.0
  • Improvement of the hints for creating modules and templates
  • Improvement of the version check when importing templates
  • General improvements in accessibility
  • General improvements in the frontend
  • Uniform use of MDI icons
  • Replace search term with filter in all tables
  • Renaming the template type Rejection to Denial
  • Display panels for user-defined fields and properties only when data is available
  • Compatibility of the import with gICS Version 2.9
  • Change of the default separator during import to ;
  • Changing the encoding when exporting to UTF-16LE
  • Automatic recognition of the encoding during import

Bug fixes

  • Incorrect spelling of the database field physicanid
  • language change on statistics page is delayed
  • Multiple spaces and tabs in the editor are removed when saving
  • External properties of template module relationship are not exported
  • Temporarily empty consent list after invalidation of consent
  • Missing update of filtered tables after deleting an object
  • date of signature can be set in the future
  • Main menu is not scrollable in desktop view
  • Active domain changes unintentionally when importing templates
  • Possible NPE at comma in policy, module, template or domain name