As of today, the new version 2.11.0 of our consent management gICS® is available free of charge via our website for testing purposes and via GitHub as a Docker Compose version. You can get help with the Docker installation at the official gICS® GitHub repository.

Since this release, you can choose between 1) the standard gICS® web interface and 2) a gICS® web interface with authentication. Both options are officially available via the download link.


New features

  • Watermark on printouts of templates
  • New parameters to retrieve only finalized policies, modules and templates
  • Paginated request for consent via the interface


  • Divide the database table text into scan and text
  • Close dialogues with ESC key
  • Unify export file names of all tools
  • Automatic focus on first input field in dialogs and forms
  • More information in the file name of consent printouts
  • General improvements to the statistics overview
  • General improvements in the frontend
  • Use the term “draft” for non-final objects
  • No return of drafts for listCurrentConsentTemplates and getCurrentConsentTemplate

Bug fixes

  • Non-final templates/modules are displayed as final in the module tree
  • Signature is not displayed on consent print-outs