Since today, updated releases of E-PIX, gPAS and gICS are available for download for the broad community. Besides new functionalities and numerous improvements, updated manuals and interface specifications are available.

Part of the new community releases of E-PIX and gICS is a flexibly configurable notification system (notifications), e.g. to be able to notify appropriately configured systems when a person-identifiying information record is updated in E-PIX or a consent is withdrawn in gICS. In addition, gPAS and gICS are delivered with the updated FHIR gateway in the new community release. At the same time, the use of Keycloak to secure the web interfaces and to secure the FHIR gateway is possible.

Further details can be found in the respective release notes as well as in the attached ReadMe.

For questions please use our contact form and the THS community dialogue.