Science creates knowledge? In the TTP, everyone creates knowledge! At the DVMD anniversary congress in Leipzig, the TTP was strongly represented. But this time, the data managers and medical documentalists were on the scientific stage and in the spotlight for two days.

All six colleagues who submitted an abstract were invited to give a presentation. Amazing? No, gratifying and well-deserved!

After all, this shows that data protection is gaining a central position in medical information management. And, this field, in which there are still many knowledge gaps to fill,  is now been given space – a space that needs the contribution from different professional groups!

The given TTP-talks covered a wide range:

  • “Challenges of consent management of minors in cohort studies” (Fiedler-Lacombe, Lizon)
  • “Generic reporting using R – the example of DZHK studies” (Germans, Lisa)
  • “Revocation and exclusion management of study participants in COVID-19 research using the example of NUKLEUS” (Heim, Ekaterina)
  • “Current concept of assessing consent quality in the DZHK” (Leyh, Katrin)
  • “Usefulness of a web portal for the internal implementation of revocations in the German National Cohort (NAKO) Study ” (Räsch, Nicole)
  • “Quality management of consent forms – An appeal for the use of electronic consent collection for time-critical clinical research” (Rau, Henriette)